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Children's Gas Mask Hood-0
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Children’s Gas Mask Hood

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Children’s Gas Mask Hood

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This gas mask hood is designed for the protection and safety of children aged 3 to 8 years old against nuclear, biological and chemical agents. The transparent hood covers the entire head, neck and throat providing a more comfortable, less alarming experience than a regular gas mask.

The hood features a battery powered respiratory system that generates clean air at a rate of 45l/min to ensure a calm and regulated breathing pattern. The blower airflow unit also creates positive pressure to prevent contaminated air from entering the hood. The respiratory system will run for 14 hours on 4 x 123A (3v.) batteries.

The large optical grade visor in the centre of the hood provides a wide and clear field of vision that reduces feelings of claustrophobia and allows for better, more careful navigation in emergencies.

The unit also features a comfortable, brightly coloured vest that securely connects the hood and the respiratory system as well as providing increased visibility for the user.

Supplied with a drinking tube and powered by 4 x 123A (3v.) Lithium batteries. The hood is supplied in an easy to carry case with a handle and shoulder strap.

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