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Ceramic Plate - Level IV Protection-0
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Ceramic Plate – Level IV Protection

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Ceramic Plate – NIJ Level IV Protection

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When the protection offered by any soft armour is just not enough for the threat level that you are going to be subject too then you have the option of adding hard armour plates to the front and rear of the vest in question that will increase the protection levels over the vital areas such as heart, lungs and other organs.

This NIJ level IV bulletproof plate is an extremely high performance plate that is fabricated from a combination of Aramid and ceramic. It is the highest performance plate that we supply and is ideal protection for press and security forces in war zones and other volatile environments.

The body armour insert is 3D curved for a better fit and can withstand grenade shrapnel and armour piercing and incendiary bullets (e.g. 7.62 x 63 AP) as well as any calibre below including rounds from AK47 and M16 assault rifles. This bulletproof plate gives level IV protection in conjunction with a level IIIA vest.

For more information on the NIJ protection please click HERE

Each plate weighs approximately 2.8kg.

Remember that we would recommend one plate for the front and one for the back of your vest.

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Weight 3000 kg


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