CAT200A Magnetic Car Tracker

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The CAT200A is probably one of the most versatile trackers available on the market today housed in a small waterproof enclosure that has 2 high powered magnets that fix it firmly in position when fitted under a vehicle
The CAT200A is simple to remove from the waterproof enclosure if you wish to use it as an asset or personal tracker making this an extremely versatile tracking device.

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The CAT200A  car tracker Unit / vehicle GPS tracker is truly state of the art tracking technology, a powerful compact tracking  device that  has had many new features added to it and can be used in or out of the magnetic box depending on requirements. This is a compact covert tracker that is small in size but it certainly is not small on performance and boasts an impressive list of specifications.

The Cat200A GPS tracker is ideal for use in infidelity and company vehicle monitoring or any situation that requires a small easy fit tracker, which includes  a  small purpose built waterproof enclosure which is fitted with a pair of powerful magnets that hold it firmly in place when deployed under a car or van and with its small size it is extremely difficult to spot even when looking under the vehicle.

Easily removed from the magnetic box allowing it to be used for asset tracking and personal tracking applications, making this one of the most versatile trackers on the market.

Supplied ready to use the cat200A works straight out of the box, switch it on and your up and running. No activation costs, no SIM card credit, no monthly subscriptions. You have the freedom to pay as you track. This is done by pre purchasing position credits so you really do pay as you track for further details click on this link Tracker position credits

The tracker uses a superb web based tracking console with your own unique user ID., not only can you view your tracker from our online console, you can also track the device from your mobile phone or tablet using our free Apps for apple and android devices.

A unique feature of this tracker is that if no satellite signal is available you can remotely activate the WiFi feature that will try to get a location using nearby WiFi signals

 Multiple operating modes 

Live Tracking Mode

Reports the car trackers position at pre set intervals from as little as once every 5 seconds, this can be changed from the tracking console or on the App.

Park Mode

Once this mode command has been remotely sent to the device, the PCB will switch off. When the board moves it will switch back on and track every x seconds. The board will automatically switch off after 120 seconds of non-motion, this is a default setting that can be changed. This mode again increases battery life. The normal tracking mode will only be accepted by the PCB when it’s in a motion state.

Flight Mode

Remotely switch the device off and tell it to wake in a certain number of hours this is for a one-off use unlike eco mode which repeats its self until cancelled.

Eco Mode

The optional eco mode feature gives an extended battery life by switching the tracker off for predefined periods. This mode also evades electronic detection as the tracker is effectively switched off. To cancel eco mode simply click the “eco mode off on the tracker panel and the panel will inform you when the device is due to wake and return to a normal live tracker, this is shown on the panel.

History Replay

The history and watch the tracker moving as if you are watching in real time or use the great reporting features that give you a detailed activity report of all the vehicles movements,showing speed,times parked, locations and much more as well as viewing this on your PC or mobile device you can download the history in a excel,word or PDF great for giving to a client or using in evidence.


Set a 360-degree virtual perimeter around an area, when the tracker breaks this barrier either entering, exiting or both it will send you an SMS to your mobile phone notifying you.


  • Tracking Sensitivity -162dBm
  • Acquisition Sensitivity -147dBm
  • Wi-Fi when no satellite system is available
  • Super Sensitive GPS Built in 3-axis Accelerometer for Motion Alert



  • Internal Cellular Antenna
  • Data Support SMS, UDP or TCP, WCDMA packet data
  •  Quad band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GSM/GPRS: 850/900, 33dBm, 1800/1900, 30 dBm
  • WCDMA band: B1, B2, B4, B5, B8
  • Transmitting Power: HSPA/UMTS: All bands, 23 dBm

Location Technology

GPS & GLONASS SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGANLocation Accuracy 2.5-meter CEP (with SBAS)

Works in most countries with no extra charges.

More information on tracker Running Costs and the credits system

To Purchase Position & SMS Credits

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