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Bulletproof Soft Bag

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Bulletproof Soft Bag NIJ Protection Level IIIA

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This bulletproof bag is designed to provide instant ballistic protection in environments where the user may not wish to wear a bulletproof vest or jacket.

This ingenious bag is indistinguishable from any other laptop case or regular commuter bag, but enclosed within is 5ft (152cm) of instantly deployable NIJ level IIIa ballistic plating that becomes a full-body shield. The bag features a velcro quick-release tab that allows the plating to be unfurled in seconds, an helpful function when travelling through a suspicious or high-risk environment.

By holding the main body of the bag at head level, the concertina plating will unfold to protect the entire body and provide cover from gunfire allowing the user to safely retreat from conflict. The bulletproof plating is NIJ ballistic level IIIa that will protect against all handgun rounds up to and including a Magnum .44. For more information on NIJ ballistic protection levels please click here.

The bulletproof bag features a shoulder strap, multiple pouches and sleeves and an exterior mobile phone pouching ensuring regular functionality as a bag, as well as covert ballistic protection.

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