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Bulletproof Flying Jacket

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This covert anti-stab vest is designed to provide subtle protection for the most vulnerable [arts of the body. The flesh-coloured covert anti-stab vest is manufactured from a new advanced ballistic and knife resistant composite textile developed for police and military users.

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This bulletproof flying jacket provides reliable protection in environments that demand a more casual look. This flying, or bomber, jacket is comfortable and fashionable whilst at the same time offers protection against anything up to a .44 magnum handgun.

This perfectly ordinary looking MA1 Flying Jacket has been carefully lined with a special Aramid Fibre that affords the wearer ballistic protection up to NIJ level IIIa, which is the highest protection level currently available from a soft armour.

Offered in black with a cotton/elasticated collar this jacket is ideal for doormen and close protection officers looking for covert body armour that will not arouse suspicion. The bulletproof jacket is supplied with a nylon carrying case and is available in sizes M-XXXL.

For more information on the NIJ protection levels please click HERE.

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