Battlestations - 3 DVD Box Set-0
Battlestations - 3 DVD Box Set-0
Battlestations - 3 DVD Box Set-5605
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Battlestations – 3 DVD Box Set

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Battlestations – 3 DVD Box Set

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The ultimate collection of the most pivotal battles of World War II in an expansive 3 DVD box set. This set covers epic battles from all the frontlines of World War II from the Bulge to Burma.

Disc 1
-Dieppe –

The allies attack on Dieppe was a disaster. Intended to arrive under the cover of darkness, they were delayed. Fully visible to the Germans the allied losses were extreme.
With the navy unable to supply sufficient ships for a successful rescue, Vice Admiral Ramsay amazingly called on the help of civilians to pull of an historic escape.

Disc 2
-Battle of the Bulge-
Germany’s major counter-offensive in the winter of 1944 caught American forces completely off guard, causing tens of thousands of casualties before it was finally halted.
-Battle of Midway-

Ultimately it was this US victory in Midway that ended Japan’s seemingly unstoppable advance across the Pacific.

Disc 3

The plan was to unleash the largest airborne assault in the history of warfare. To fly into German occupied territory and capture no less than 5 key bridges.
The allied conquest of Burma, the crucial land route to China, was one of the most gruelling conflicts fought against the Japanese forces.

Running time: Approximately 140 minutes.

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