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Armoured Toyota Hiace 15 Seater-0
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Armoured Toyota Hiace 15 Seater

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Armoured Toyota Hiace 15 Seater

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This Toyota Hiace people carrier will provide protected transport for a driver and up to 14 passengers. The vehicle features 360 degree protection to ballistic specification standard B6.

The vehicle’s shielding is made up of a composite of ballistic steel and ultra toughened fibers providing a high level of protection whilst keeping the vehicle’s weight as low as possible to ensure optimum handling, speed and power. All of the vehicle’s original interior paneling has been refitted over the armour plates.

All original glass has been removed from the vehicle and replaced with 40mm anti spall curved glass with a polycarbonate laminate. As a security feature all windows are sealed with the exception of the driver’s side front window that can be opened to 100mm with an auto-close security switch. Over lapping armour has been fitted around the door apertures to ensure a hermetically sealed interior environment.

All passenger doors and side panels are armoured to NIJ level III providing protection against all calibre rounds up to an AK47 assault rifle. The vehicle’s battery, firewall, windscreen frame, front grill and fuel tank are all armoured with steel plating.

The floor of the vehicle is fitted with a ‘ballistic carpet’ featuring 18 layers of kevlar that can withstand two DM51 grenades. The vehicle is supplied with five run-flat tires that allow the vehicle to continue driving after the tires have been destroyed. Compromised run-flat tires allow speeds of up to 55mph for distances of up to 100km.

A reinforced interior wall has been installed in the rear of the vehicle. The wall features an observation panel, gunport and access hatch.

This armoured vehicle is ideal for transporting groups such as journalists or business delegations through war zones and other high-risk environments.

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