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Armoured Mercedes S600-0
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Armoured Mercedes S600

Armoured Guard Model Mercedes S600

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This black Guard model Mercedes S600 has been factory armoured to level B7 by Mercedes Benz in Germany for the UK market. The vehicle has had one previous owner and is sold in like-new condition with 37,000 miles on the clock.

The vehicle is finished to the highest standard featuring a black leather interior with electric, heated and cooled, massaging front and rear seats, in-built rear DVD player with seat back screens and a mahogany finish dashboard.

Guard model Mercedes are the auto-manufacturer’s factory armoured vehicles that are designed and built to the highest levels of European protection standards. The B7 level protection on this Mercedes S600 provides resistance against grenades, explosive charges and very high-velocity projectiles up to and including AK47 rounds.

This armoured vehicle is also fitted with run-flat tires that are able to keep the vehicle at speeds of up to 55mph after destruction to ensure a swift getaway.

Because Guard model Mercedes are armoured at the manufacturing stage the protective materials are integrated into the design of the vehicle making it almost indistinguishable from a regular model to the untrained eye. This is in comparison to other retro-fitted vehicles where additional armouring can appear more obvious and single the vehicle out as a target.

This amoured vehicle is supplied with all Mercedes Benz documentation and a complete service history.

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