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Armoured Land Rover Defender

Fully Armoured Land Rover Defender



This fully armoured Land Rover Defender 110 is ideal for transporting press, professionals or executives to or through any hi-risk or volatile area. The Land Rover is armoured to EuroNorm EN1063:BR6 and offers protection against all high velocity projectiles up to and including AK47 rounds.

This Land Rover Defender is an ex-MOD vehicle and has retained many ex-military features including 12v suppressed electrical system, up-rated alternator, up-rated suspension. The fully welded, steel armour body shell with anti-burst locks provides improved occupant protection from roll over or physical attack.

The armoured Land Rover is capable of transporting a driver and seven passengers with seating for one passenger in the front and bench style seating for a six further passengers in the rear. All seats are fitted with seat belts.

The Defender features a 3.5 litre V8 engine, power steering, air conditioning, four wheel drive and a heavy duty clutch box. For further mechanical information please refer to the specifications tab.

The vehicle’s armour plating offers protection against 7.62mm NATO ball and 5.56 mm SS109 (steel core) rounds from a 90° angle at point blank range. The floor of the vehicle has been armoured to withstand L2A2 hand grenades and anti-personnel mines with loads up to 2kg. All vertical transparent faces feature 38.00mm thick (nominal) glass laminate, with inner polycarbonate spall liner.

All of the Land Rover’s tires, including the spare, are fitted with Tyron run-flat bands allowing the vehicle to continue driving at speeds of up to 55mph after the tyre has been destroyed.

This armoured Land Rover is the ideal solution for those in need robust and secure transport through war zones and other hi-risk conflict areas.

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Weight 3900000 kg


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