Alarm Sensor Camera WiFi 50 Days Battery Life

£175.00 exc Vat £210.00 inc Vat

A standard PIR alarm sensor case with a HD pinhole WIFI surveillance camera  inside, perfect for the home, office, store room or any other place where you want to know who is doing what and when they are doing it.This Camera boasts an unbeaten 50 days battery life on a single charge. When in standby mode this camera draws a very little current giving the camera a massive battery life for its small size.

This alarm sensor surveillance camera can be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world  in real time from a Smart Phone, iphone or android using the free app. The surveillance camera records onto an internal SD card on motion activation. The Alarm Sensor Surveillance camera is exclusive to Eyetek as these are built in our own workshops.

The PIR Alarm Sensor camera comes ready to go complete with battery, built in charger and simple setup instructions. This surveillance camera is designed for ease of use and can be operated without any knowledge of networking but if you have any problems we are here to help get you up and running.