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10K Mail Scanner

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10K Mail Scanner

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A mail scanner is an essential security device for any office or residence that could be considered high risk. Letter bombs have been a common form of attack for centuries and the threat continues to this day. The 10K is also ideal for detecting covert weapons hidden inside letters and parcels making it a an ideal security solution for prisons and other detention centres.

This mail scanner is incredibly easy to use and will sound both an audio and visual alarm automatically as soon as it detects suspect material within a letter or package.

This high speed device can scan up to 10,000 items of mail per hour and can detect bomb making components like detonators, batteries and circuitry. The 10K’s sensitive scanner can even differentiate between harmful items such as razor blade and innocuous ones like paper clips and staples.

No formal training is needed to operate the 10K mail scanner and the device itself is extremely low maintenance. It’s compact size makes the mail scanner an easy to store, desktop device.

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