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Personal Transporters

Explore our exciting range of personal transporters which include the E-Rider and electronic E-Bike.

With our 20 year experience in unique personal transport products, we have found the highest specification range of items with a wide range of prices to suit every budget.

  • IO Hawk E-Board

    IO Hawk E-Board

    £415.83 Ex. VAT £499.00 Inc. VAT
  • The Spygo Personal Transporter

    The Spygo Personal Transporter

    £1,125.00 Ex. VAT £1,350.00 Inc. VAT
  • E-board Kart
    Save 28%

    E-board Kart

    WAS: £96.00

    NOW: £57.50 Ex. VAT £69.00 Inc. VAT

  • The Mini E-Bike

    The Mini E-Bike

    £608.33 Ex. VAT £730.00 Inc. VAT
  • E-Scooter


    £750.00 Ex. VAT £900.00 Inc. VAT
  • E-Rider Personal Transporter

    E-Rider Personal Transporter

    £1,833.33 Ex. VAT £2,200.00 Inc. VAT
  • Spyrider


    £6,000.00 Ex. VAT £7,200.00 Inc. VAT

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