Our Christmas 2013 Top 10 Gifts

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We have some special new products for you.

As always our team has been working very hard to bring you some new and exciting “State of the art” products This year’s special is the M1 Personal Transporter. A product that we think will be the transport mode of the future. We like this product so much that we, and our Associate company, have become the sole authorised distributor for the UK.

This is our list of favourite products, to suit every pocket.

Our top 10 products for 2013:

LED Hazard Warning LightLED Hazard Warning Light£16.00 plus VAT

It floats, It’s magnetic, it’s weatherproof and shockproof and so tough you can drive a car over it (Please don’t though!). Programmable and great fun.

Visible from 300 metres.
This is a terrific gift for children or adults alike.

There is also a rechargeable pack of 6 available (LEDHAZARD) for £100.00 plus VAT Click here to view


Camo Safe - Water BottleWater Bottle Camo-safe £20.83 plus VAT

If you want to hide something in the home don’t go for the obvious places. This water bottle is just so clever. It looks like it’s full of water but it actually splits in the middle to reveal a secret compartment. If the Water Bottle Camo-safe doesn’t work for you just look at our website – we have so many other Camo-safes from Pringles to Ajax.


SPY LAZER CHASESpy Lazer Chase £32.00 plus VAT

This is great Spy game designed for 2 children to play, but it can also be used by one child. Hunt down the enemy and fire! If you’re hit you will be alerted.
Strap it to your wrist and flex you fist to fire.
We have masses of other Spy toys to look at. Just go to the Spy Gadgets section, subsection”Spy Toys


Bluetooth GlovesBluetooth Gloves£41.66 plus VAT

A real winner. These are normal looking gloves. Simply pair the gloves to your mobile phone via Blue tooth and you can make and receive calls by simply holding your thumb to your ear and your little finger to your mouth. Everyone will think your bonkers until they realise that you are actually talking on the phone and then they’ll be asking you where you got them.


Car Alarm Keyfob Camera Car Alarm Keyfob Camera £82.50 plus VAT

This is an exceptionally covert camera housed in a normal looking key fob. Use it to take high quality colour still shots or to take CCTV footage with sound.
Brilliant for investigators, journalists or just recording family occasions.

Wrist Watch Walkie TalkieWrist Watch Walkie Talkie£83.33 plus VAT

A great set of wrist watch walkie talkies. Of course they tell the time, but they are also a really high quality pair of walkie talkies. They make a brilliant toy for the children but many adults also use them for skiing, or other, holidays. When they are out shopping or hiking. They just have so many uses and we know that you will be really impressed with them.


Smartphone Voice RecorderSmartphone Voice Recorder £140.00 plus VAT

You simply plug this clever little unit in to the headset socket on your Smartphone and you can record both sides of conversations with crystal clarity. Many of our customers are business orientated and want a record of their conversations. It’s so simple and you just play the recordings back on your computer at will.


Night Vision Yellow Marine 2Yellow Marine 1st generation night vision £165.58 plus VAT

This one is a real bargain. 2 x magnification this unit was originally designed for marine use but it was just so popular that everyone started buying whether they were sailors or landlubbers!
Offered in a smart yellow rubberised housing we have recently reduced the price from £250.00 plus VAT to £165.58. We don’t have that many in stock so this is a real bargain that you should pick up while you can.

The Beast Torch The Beast Torch £207.50 plus VAT

Not so long ago it would have been unimaginable to get 3500 Lumens from a compact hand held torch yet here it is! The Beast is simply incredible. It can light up a street.
This is a product that just blew us away when we first saw it and we are just so pleased that we have been able to add it to our inventory.

Yellow M1 Personal TransporterM1 Personal Transporter £2400.00 plus VAT

This is a real “State of the Art” unit. So simple to use that anyone can learn in less than 10 minutes. 1/3 of the weight of the Segway, much, much smaller, and half the price this is a fantastic unit. It does
up to 20Kms on one charge and has a top speed of 15 Km/h.

Perfect for use on private land and legal for use in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and most countries in Europe. Legal for use in 44 States in the USA. Not legal for use on public highways in the UK.


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