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Haunted HarrassmentHaunted Harrassment
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Haunted Harrassment


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A brilliant spy toy that's guaranteed to drive your victim crazy!

This clever practical joke features five different creepy noises that are played at intervals of around 6 minutes. Using the magnet attached to the tiny (30mm) device, hide it under a bed, in a desk or anywhere you can think of and watch your victim go nuts as they try to hunt down the mysterious creek or eerie childish giggle!

Haunted Harassment's sounds include creepy creaking, scary scratching, beastly breathing, weird whispering and ghoulish giggling, as well as a random setting that cycles through all of the sounds.

Powered by a single 3volt lithium battery, this excellent spy toy will provide a month's worth of haunted harassment on a single battery.

£16.67 Excl. vat £20.00 Inc. VAT
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