Fully EU approved E-Boards back on the Market

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Having been the very first company in the UK to have introduced the E-board (Swegway, Hoverboard – call it what you will) self-balancing scooter on to the British market we are delighted to announce that we are now the very first company to be offering a unit that fully complies with all EU Safety Directives.Small Couple-on-eboard

When we first introduced this self-balancing scooter on to the market the publicity went viral. This in turn prompted companies who wanted to cash in on this exciting market to bring in cheaper and cheaper Chinese copies which met with no safety standards and proved to be a potential fire hazard. This is where Trading Standards stepped in and insisted that all Hoverboards/Swegways be withdrawn from the market until the importers could prove that they are fully compliant with all EU safety regulations. This led to a number of companies claiming that their units had been tested and met safety standards. Virtually every one of these importers were displaying either fake safety certificates or certificates that have not been produced by a safety testing laboratory that is recognised, or accepted, by the regulatory bodies in individual European countries.

Anyone who wants to buy a Swegway/Hoverboard should ask to see a letter from Trading Standards that confirms that the unit they are buying is fully compliant. This is essential because the majority of the units have unfused plugs, which means that they can catch fire whilst charging, non-standard 13amp plugs which can lead to getting a nasty shock when you plug the unit in, or a safety over-ride switch to stop the unit from charging any further once the batteries are fully charged.

The Spycatcher E-board has been fully tested by SGS which is a fully recognised test house and a world leader in safety issues, and the reports and certificates have all been inspected, verified and passed by Trading Standards.

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We know that our E-board is not as cheap as some on the market and there is a reason for this. None of our customers want to risk setting their house on fire whilst their Swegway or Hoverboard is charging overnight. None of our customers want to risk their children using a Swegway or Hoverboard that can explode whilst in use. The E-board is a fabulous product and it is completely safe.

We have E-boards in stock now in a variety of colours. This is a product loved by children, teenagers and adults alike and now you can buy one knowing that you have the best, and safest, on the market.

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