Enormous spike in demand for bullet-proof vests

The unrest in the Middle East has caused an enormous spike in demand for bullet-proof vests, bullet-proof jackets, ceramic plates and ballistic helmets.

Large numbers of journalists are now travelling to Syria and Iraq and require adequate protection to ensure their safety.

Because of the increase in demand Spycatcheronline have put together a package consisting of a level 111A bullet-proof jacket with neck, upper arm and groin protection, 2 x level IV ceramic plates and a ballistic helmet at an incredibly attractive price of £575.00 plus VAT. This is a ground-breaking price Click here to view the product.

A similar package was, until recently selling for up to £1200.00 plus VAT. Due to high demand we have piggy-backed other governmental orders to secure this new low price.

As you would expect everything we offer has been tested by recognised US test laboratories and test certificates are available.

Spycatcheronline have been supplying personal protection equipment to the “Press” and other overseas governmental and corporate customers for many years now. Being based in London we are perfectly situated to supply “On demand” news teams who need to travel to an area of conflict on the spur of the moment. We have, over the years supplied virtually every major media organisation with protective gear.

Because of our experience our team are well placed to offer advice as to the most suitable protective equipment to suit the country being visited.

The company also stocks NBC protective gas masks , NBC suits, chemical agent detection papers , chemical agent protective powder and many other items.

We can also offer tracking devices which can enable the media head office to establish the whereabouts of their overseas staff at will.

Jane Bond