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Cool Spy Gadgets EVERY Budding Bond Needs This Christmas

 Bond Home Page Screen

Fancy yourself as a bit of a James Bond?

If you’re not busy saving the world from the latest loopy despot, you can usually be found parking your DB9 on Savile Row, stopping only to straighten your tie in the mirror whilst flashing a smug grin.

With a penchant for pricey suits, a taste for expensive wines and an unwavering loyalty to Queen and country, the only thing likely to disrupt your duties is a kiss from your modern-day Honey Ryder.

Then you wake up.

In reality, you’ve actually fallen asleep in front of Sherlock, your dog has eaten your dinner and you’ve rolled over and flattened your homemade listening device. 

Back to the drawing board, Bond.

However, rather than starting from scratch, why not take a peek at the following five spy gadgets EVERY up-and-coming secret agent must have this Christmas – before this web page self destructs ...


 Recording Pen

Spy Gadget #1:
Voice Recording Pen - £150.00

Not to put too fine a point on it, but life as a budding Bond is no walk in the park. Consequently, it’s important your cover remains intact. This means, wherever possible, your spy gadgets should be disguised as everyday objects – and what could be more ordinary than a ballpoint pen?

This ballpoint, however, cleverly conceals a voice recorder that’s activated by an ingenious switch hidden in its clip.

Once it picks up the sound of any nearby voices, it’ll start recording, which means it can be left unattended to capture your foes chatting. Pick it up a little later and use the supplied remotes and ear pieces to listen back to their next move!  


 Spy Gadget Night Vision 5 in 1

Spy Gadget #2:
5-in-1 Night Vision Camera - £180.00

As a spy with your finger on the pulse, it’s incredibly handy if your gadgets are multifaceted.

Whether it’s a watch that’s also a helicopter or a knife that doubles up as a snowboard, this will leave valuable space in your briefcase for bottles of Dom Pérignon and roses for your various beaus.

With that in mind, when you snap up this 5-in-1 night vision camera, you’ll benefit from an advanced digital viewing system that works in day and nighttime conditions.

With up to 10 hours of usage, you can see nighttime images at up to 100 metres. Ideal for those long evenings of undercover work.




 Smartphone Recorder

Spy Gadget #3:
Smartphone Recorder - £168.00

When chatting with the enemy about their plans to destroy the earth – or even making dinner plans with your girlfriend – there may come a time when a master of espionage needs to record the conversation to be presented as evidence later.

To use this particular smartphone recorder, simply plug it into your phone’s earphone jack and the conversation will be relayed to your ear whilst saving the dialogue on its internal memory. Don’t worry about running out of space, though, as it has 4GB of memory, which equates to 144 hours of recording time. 


Rucksack Cycle Indicator Safety

Spy Gadget #4:
Rucksack Indicator - £56.40

Choosing a life as a spy means you must be equipped to guard yourself against all kinds of dangers – and if you haven’t quite managed to save enough cash for a motor that Bond would be proud of, there’s every chance you’re tackling the mean metropolis streets on your bicycle.

As a result, it would be downright embarrassing if your own plans to foil world domination were thwarted by a careless motorist knocking you off your bike.

To avoid such a fate, this rucksack indicator alerts other road users to your intentions by way of a signalling panel that you simply attach to any bag you may be carrying on your back.  It comes complete with a wireless controller that simply attaches to your handlebars.




 Sports Camera Gadget

Spy Gadget #5:
Sports Camera - £120.00

When you’re hurtling down a mountain on skis, chasing a tyrant who’s hell-bent on destroying the globe, or even cycling through the Lake District with your other half, you may want to capture your antics on camera – and with this first-class HD DVR recorder, you can.

Aside from being small and lightweight, it comes with a waterproof case and an anti-shake function, which is perfect when you’re dodging bullets or trees in your bid to stop an evil despot in his or her tracks. 




Now, pay attention, Bond.  

Order any of the items above before the 19th of December to ensure you, or a budding secret agent in your family, receive your high-quality spy gadget in time for Christmas day.


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