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Bug Detector - PR6000Bug Detector - PR6000
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Bug Detector - PR6000


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The PR6000 bug detector offers high-grade counter-surveillance in a simple to use pocket-sized device.

The PR6000 offers finely tuned sensitivity across a broad frequency range, covering an impressive 1.0Mhz to 6.0Ghz.

This bug detector offers the options of either its 10 LED signal meter, bleep system or vibration mode to detect devices including telephone transmitters, miniature room transmitters, tracking devices, video transmitters, cellular telephones and walkie-talkies across VHF, UHF and microwave spectrums.

Additionally, this unit is also able to detect peak pulse which are emitted by burst transmitting devices that accumulate information over a period of time before transmitting condensed packets of data.

Also boasting an Audio Confirmation system, the PR6000 astutely distinguishes between signals from suspect devices and innocent ambient signals to reduce the chance of false alerts.

As a bug detector that offers so many functions in an easily operated device, the PR6000 a great counter-surveillance package.

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