Earlier this year we thought that we were going to have to wait until 2017 for a Personal Transporter that came anywhere close to the Hover-Board style skate board made famous by the “Back to the Future” movies. Well, at we are constantly on the lookout for unique and innovative transport products and we have just started to stock something that we think is equally as amazing as the Hover-board and it is available right now.

Introducing our new E-Board is a gyro-stabilized platform that you simply step on to and ride. No steep learning curve. Everyone here at Spycatcher HQ that has tried it has just got on and ridden away. Obviously we recommend that you go easy at first, until you get the hang of it, but it is so simple and intuitive that anyone can get on it and ride off into the sunset.

This is a bit like a miniature Segway but a fifth of the weight, a third of the price and so small you can pick it up with one hand (It’s about the size of a traditional skate board). The E-Board is a real innovation and we don’t think it will be long before you find yourself zipping around the garden, parks shopping centres and sports arenas etc.

Operationally the E-Board will do pretty much anything a Segway will do. It uses a gyroscope and an acceleration sensor to control your balance and speed sensibly. It also uses a servo-control system to ensure that you can change direction effortlessly. Directional control is by simply pressing down on your heels or toes – completely simple!

Suitable for any rider between the weights of 20 and 100 Kgs. It takes 2 hours to charge and has a top speed of 10 Kph and an average range of 20 Kms.

If you want to know the way forward for Personal Transport systems, well here you have it.
Check out the video taken from our in-house drone.