The Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas is held in January of each year and it’s where every major manufacturer shows off their latest products. This year, there was only one star – and it’s the product everyone’s talking about …

the E-Board.

Here at Spycatcher, we’re delighted we were the first company to pick up on this product, with enormous sales of it over the last 12 weeks.

The E-board is basically a Segway type Personal Transporter, but with one major difference – it has no handle. It may sound like it’s difficult to ride, but it’s actually really simple. Because it’s gyro-stabilised, you don’t have to balance on it – it does the balancing for you.

To move forwards, you simply press your toes down. By pressing on your heels, you’ll go backwards, and you just press on the toes of either foot to turn.

We sell this product online for £1500.00 and it was the must-have Christmas present this year.

You can see the E-Board by clicking here

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Sometimes we look at something and say “That’s cheap what a bargain” and wonder why you should pay more for an item when you can get something similar for half the price. Well if you read the following article you will know why this is sometimes not the right way to go.

This week a man was sentenced to seven years in jail for shooting his best friend dead whilst they were testing some cheap “protective clothing” that the friend had just bought and believed it was bullet proof.  This was not some drunken prank but a seriously stupid and irresponsible act that will haunt the man for the rest of his life.  What’s more it happened in Cambridgeshire in the UK!  You can read the details here and we hope that the information below will assist others who either need personal protection from bullets or knives or require re-assurance about the product that they are purchasing.

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