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Torches & Searchlights

Our range of searchlights and torches is, without doubt, the best in Europe.

The advent of the high powered LED CREE bulbs means that the Technology in searchlights & torches has changed dramatically over recent years and manufacturers are finding new ways of getting more and more candlepower out of smaller and smaller units, without sacrificing battery life.

We recognised very early on that, unlike many other countries where pepper sprays stun guns and Mace are legal; in the UK they are strictly illegal. Many of our customers ask us how to protect themselves and we often suggest a small incredibly powerful searchlight or torch may be the answer. Shine the beam of one of these units at an attacker and they could well be disorientated enough to give you time to get away. A small searchlight or torch with 3500 Lumens of brightness can be a very effective means of self-defence.

We also carry underwater searchlights and torches (Frogmen torches).

Not only do we stock hand held torches but we also  remote controlled searchlights, hand held searchlights, and the amazing Maxabeam which can project a beam up to 6 kilometres.

Due to the constant improvements in searchlight and torch technology our range is constantly changing to keep up with the latest developments

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