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Body Armour

We have been supplying the press worldwide with body armour clothing such as ballistic armour, bullet proof vests and stab proof vests to protect their journalists and cameramen for the last 18 years. 

These are teams operating in some of the most hostile environments on the planet. They need to be sure that when the time comes their Body Armour will not let them down.

Over the years our body armour clothing, the ceramic bullet-proof plates, Famostone plates, ballistic helmets and slash proof clothing have been successfully battle tested on numerous occasions. 

We can also offer you a full range of Body Armour like, anti-slash clothing including hooded tops, long and short sleeved T-shirts, windjammer jackets, longjohns and gloves. Just click on the following link to go to our sister company Bladerunner at www.bladerunner.tv

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